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Skater Incentive Program

Point Mallard Figure Skating Club

Competitive/Test Skater Incentive Program

June 2017 – May 2018


Due Date: May 20, 2018      Return to: Charles Bernhard


The competitive/test skater cash incentive program is designed to reward Point Mallard Figure Skating Club (PMFSC) primary skating and Basic Skills members for participation in USFS sanctioned competitions and test sessions.  The following evaluation formula awards points for participation in USFS sanctioned competitions and test sessions. At the beginning of the year the club will determine the total amount of funds to be set aside that will be rewarded.  All points earned by PMFSC skaters will be totaled and then divided into the total fund that has been set aside.  This number will then determine how much each point is worth (Point Value). Skaters then receive a cash subsidy equal to their individual Point Total multiplied by the Point Value, ex. 10 points @ $3.00 each would total to $30.00.


Key Points:

1        No single skater shall receive a donation greater than one-fifth of the total funds allocated for the current competition/test season.

2        Points shall be calculated for all eligible Point Mallard Figure Skating Club competitive/test skaters annually (annual meeting to annual meeting).  An eligible skater is any PMFSC skater in good standing on August 31st of the year during which the rewards are accumulated.

3        Skaters should complete a Competitive/Test Incentive Program form for each competition and passed test in which they participated to accurately determine the total number of eligible points for the year. All eligible PMFSC skaters automatically qualify for consideration so long as they participated as a skater in one or more of the above defined events representing the PMFSC.

4        Awards will be made at the Annual Club Meeting for points accumulated during the previous year. 

5        Skaters will receive an additional point for advancing to Final rounds at Regional, Sectional and National Competitions. For example a skater competing at Regionals will receive 2 points. If they make the final round they receive an additional point, if there isn’t a qualifying round, the skater will automatically receive 3 points.

6        A minimum of 12 volunteer hours with the PMFSC by the skater and/or skater’s family members is required to receive the competitive incentive award. Please remember to fill out your volunteer time sheets, and have them signed by the event coordinator. (Implemented at 2009 Annual Meeting)

7        Synchronized Skating and Theater Competition Events – Each Team will be awarded 1 point Per Skater for participation in the team event. The rewards will be received by the team.

8        Basic Skills members must be members of the PMFSC.

9        Basic Skills members will be awarded 1/2 of a point for each eligible competition event.

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