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The Point Mallard Figure Skating Club (PMFSC) was founded in October 2001 with the opening of the new year round rink at Point Mallard.  PMFSC is a member club of US Figure Skating (USFS) which is the governing body of figure skating in the United States.  PMFSC is also a member club of Ice Sports Industry (ISI) and Learn to Skate USA (LTS).  PMFSC is a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting amateur figure skating in the Decatur/ North Alabama area.

The mission of PMFSC is to be devoted to and supportive of figure skating.
We commit the following:
1.  Actively promoting educational opportunities and sportsmanship to advance the quality of figure skating.
2.  Dedication to recognition of excellence in performance of members.
3.  Devotion to the highest standards of financial responsibility.
4.  Providing responsible volunteers to serve and promote advancement of our sport in the community.
As a non-profit organization, funding of PMFSC is through membership fees and fund raising activities.  The money is dispersed to pay for test sessions, competition, judge’s expenses, show fees, skating seminars and other activities of the club.

Members of the PMFSC are both skating and non-skating members. By joining PMFSC, you also become a member in US Figure Skating with all the rights to testing and competitions. See our Membership page for further information. We’d love to have you on our team.


Board Members

President –                                      Eric Walter

Vice-President –                            Lelah Handley

Secretary –                                       Caitlyn Durham

Treasurer –                                       Russell Parker

Membership Chair –                     Caitlyn Durham/Heidi Parker

Test Chair –                                      Caitlyn Durham

Safe Sport Chair –                          Christy Walter

Sanctions Chair-                            Heidi Parker

Learn To Skate Volunteer-          Russell Parker

Skating Director –                         Heidi Parker


Robert Watson

Deborah Mitchell

Joy Dodd

Scott Harvell


to contact any of the Board Members email: sk8pmfsc@gmail.com